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Tholi Prema Movie Online
Original title: Tholi Prema
Category Pawan Kalyan , Telugu Movies
Year: 1999
Language: Telugu
Director: A. Karunakaran
Pawan Kalyan, Kirti Reddy, Vasuki, Ali, VenuMadhav, Nagesh,Venkateswara Rao Narra
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD
Source Veoh, MegaVideo, Google, Youku
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Balu (Pavan Kalyan) is a typical college going guy, popular amongst his friends, good at cricket, but not at studies. He catches a glimpse of a girl (Keerthi Reddy) but she constantly eludes him, although he finds out that her name is Anu.

By cinematic co-incidence, he meets her on the way to Ooty. His car breaks down and she offers him a lift in her car. There is a major accident, and while trying to rescuing her, he falls into a ravine.

Soon, through frequent interaction, they become good friends. Though he is eager to express his love to Anu, his sister Priya (Vaasuki) advises him not to hurry. Balu realizes that Anu, who is serious about studies and her career, does not want to waste her time on "frivolous" things like love. So he decides not to reveal his love for her.

Then the story then goes on to show many incidents where Balu and Anu get to know each other. Finally, the day arrives when Anu has to leave India for further education. Even as she is about to leave, she recalls all the moments she spent with Balu, and realizes how much she loves him. She breaks down and confesses her love for him. He is elated, but reminds her that her career and education comes first and that they can always meet after achieving their respective goals.

8.22/10 ( 82 Votes )
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