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Stupid Movie DVD Online
Original title: Stupid
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2003
Director: N Chandrasekhar
Upendra, Kirti Reddy
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'Stupid' is based on the story of the tragedy that struck the family of Nepal king.Vicky (Upendra) is an artiste. He happens to see Devayani (Kirti Reddy) in an accident and loses his heart. Subsequently, Devayani also falls in love. As she pretends that she is not loving him, Vicky goes abroad. As per a plan by Vicky, the family members force Devayani to go to Hongkong, where she meets Vicky there. When both of them were enjoying the love, Prince Dipendra Bhupati (Upendra again) meets her and says that he was loving her. Later, both Devayani and Vicky return to India. Dipendra, who was madly loving Devayani also comes to India and tells Vicky about his love.Dipendra discloses his identity to Vicky that he was the prince of Nepal and had a mad love towards Devayani. He loves her so much that he killed his entire family for the sake of his love. When Vicky asks Devayani, she accepts that she was from Nepal and Dipendra was loving him. But, she says that Dipendra must be loving her but she was not loving her. Vicky makes several attempts to convince Dipendra, that his was a one-sided love and tries to say that Devayani forgot everything in a shock. Then Dipendra again enacts many of the love sequences between him and Devayani. Then, Devayani decides to commit suicide and Dipendra saves her. But he falls in trouble in the process. Devayani did not help him, instead says that she was happy if he gets killed. But, Dipendra gets life and leaves for Nepal saying that he would live for his people as a King and did not want Devayani's love as she never loved him.


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