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Sega Movie Online
Original title: Sega
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2011
Language: Telugu
Director: Anjana Ali Khan
Nani, Nithya Menon
Genre Drama
Quality HD Rip
Source VideoBB, VideoZer
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Set on the backdrop of a lower class slum, the story begins with Balaji (Muthukumar) who hates his drunkard father Jothi (Shimmore) and leaves home along with his brother Karthik (Nani). Both grow up at their uncle’s place and Balaji ensures their father’s shadow never falls on Karthik who joins engineering.

Meanwhile, Karthik is in love with Revathi (Nithya) and has a very close friend Vishnu (Karthik Kumar). The story takes a turn when Vishnu joins hands with Jothi who becomes a pimp for earning quick money and he takes the help of Karthik for that. Vishnu wants to get his lover Vani (Bindu Madhavi), a prostitute, out of the brothel. However, what seems to be a snatch job changes the fate and destiny of each one involved. What is that incident? How the story turns after that forms the rest of the story.

5.88/10 ( 41 Votes )
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