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Satrangee Parachute Movie Online
Original title: Satrangee Parachute
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2011
Language: Hindi
Director: Vineet Khetrapal
Jackie Shroff, Kay Kay Menon, Zakir Hussain, Sanjay Mishra
Genre Drama
Quality PDVD
Source VideoBB
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Pappu (Siddhartha Sanghani), a precocious kid, wants to find a parachute for his visually impaired friend Kuhu. He sets out with a bunch of friends from Nainital to Mumbai in order to fulfil his mission. But Mumbai is murky city.... Pappu and his buddies get embroiled with a gang of terrorists who are determined to create terror in the city with dubious parachutes.

5.20/10 ( 5 Votes )
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