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Roja Movie Online
Original title: Roja
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1992
Language: INDIA
Director: Mani Ratnam
Arvind Swamy,Madhu Bala, Pankaj Kapur ... Liaqat, Nasser ... Colonel Rayappa (as Naseer), Shiva Rindani (as Shiva), Janagaraj ... Chajoo Maharaj (as Janakraj),Vaishnavi
Genre Action, Drama
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo, Divx
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Roja, a young lady born and brought up in Southern India, who prays that the handsome young man coming to see her sister will be her future brother-in-law, only to have the tables turned on her when he openly choses her over her sister (as her sister loves another). So Roja marries Rishi and they leave the village to settle in the city, where both fall in love. Rishi, who works for the Indian Government, is instructed to go to the troubled state of Kashmir on a classified mission, Roja also goes along. Then the innocent world of Roja is shattered when Rishi is abducted and held for ransom by a "Jihaadi" group of militants who want an independent Kashmir, and the release of a terrorist held with the Indian military forces. Will the passionate appeal of this young lady move cold and ruthless military and politician's hearts and minds?
9.74/10 ( 62 Votes )
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