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Posani Gentleman Movie Online
Original title: Gentleman
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2009
Language: Telugu
Director: Posani Krishna Murali
Posani Krishna Murali, Arthi Agarwal
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source Veoh, MegaVideo
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Posani Krishna Murali stars as Muddu Krishna, who works in a software firm. He’s married to Neeraja (Aarthi Agarwal) who believes that her husband is extremely loyal to her and would even die for her sake. However, Muddu Krishna has a different side to his personality. He’s a womanizer who indulges in multiple extra-marital affairs for pleasure. One of them is Louis, a girl from UK working in the samesoftware firm. One day, Neeraja decides to test her husband’s loyalty towards her and hatches a plan with the help of a friend. Will she succeed in her plan? Will Muddu Krishna’s skeletons tumble out of the box? That forms the rest of the story.

5.31/10 ( 54 Votes )
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