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Oh My Friend Movie Online
Original title: Oh My Friend
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2011
Language: Telugu
Director: Venu Shreeram
Siddharth, Shruthi Haasan, Hansika
Genre Drama
Quality PDVD
Source VideoBB, VideoZer
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Chandu (Sidz) and Siri (Shruti) are friends from childhood and they are very close buddies. While Siri is a much planned girl with clarity of thought, Chandu is not interested in studies as he wants to become a rock star. This doesn’t go well with Chandu’s father (Bharani) but he takes it in his stride.

The story takes a turn when Chandu comes across Ritu (Hansika) and falls in love with her. In no time, he manages to win her heart. Meanwhile, Siri gets engaged to Uday (Navadeep).

The story takes a turn when the close bonding between Chandu-Siri begins to cause inconvenience to their respective partners. On the other hand, the elders feel both Chandu and Siri are actually in love but they don’t realize it. Is it really love? Or just close friendship? How the story of their lives takes a turn forms the essence.

8.55/10 ( 174 Votes )
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