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Matrudevobhava Movie Online
Original title: Matrudevobhava
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1993
Director: K. Ajay Kumar
Madhavi, Nazar,
Genre Drama
Quality VCD
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Satyam (Nazar) is a jeep driver and his wife Sarada (Madhavi) is a music teacher. They are both orphans brought up by a Seva Ashram (run by Charu Hasan). Sarada and Satyam have four kids. Satyam, though a good guy by heart, is good person, is addicted to liquor. Apparao (Tanikella Bharani), a toddy shop owner, has an eye on Sarada. Satyam bashes Apparao in front of his shop when he knows about Apparao's advances towards Sarada. In a turn of events, Sarada is diagnosed with brain tumor and her days are numbered. At this juncture, Apparao kills Satyam, leaving the family in a saddened state. Sarada wants her children to be brought up in a family atmosphere rather than in the Ashram. How the children get adopted to different families and what happens to Sarada is the rest of the tear-jerking and heart-touching story.

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8.15/10 ( 26 Votes )
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