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Kudiritey Kappu Coffee Movie Online
Original title: Kudiritey Kappu Coffee
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2011
Language: Telugu
Director: Ramana Salva
Varun Sandesh, Suma Bhattacharya
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD
Source Veoh
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The story is about a young guy's dilemma over love as he experiences a tragic incident in his friend's life. Seshu (Varun Sandesh) is rich guy's son. His family owns a guesthouse in Karnataka. When his friend ends life after a failure in love, Seshu vows not to fall in love. To forget this incident he decides to go to resort that is now run by his father's teacher Malati (Sukumari). There he meets Malati's granddaughter Lasya (Suma Bhattacharya) who has grand plans to make the guest house turn into a resort. Soon Lasya falls in love with Seshu but he doesn't reciprocate. Rest of the movie is all about Seshu and Lasya unite in the end.

7.93/10 ( 60 Votes )
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