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Keelu Gurram Old Movie Online
Original title: Keelu Gurram
Category Telugu Classics , Telugu Movies
Year: 1949
Language: Telugu
ANR, Anjali Devi
Genre Drama
Quality VCD
Source MegaVideo, VideoBB
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While out on a hunt, a king discovers spoils of a different sort when he happens upon a beautiful woman (Anjali Devi) who turns out to be a demon capable of devouring an elephant in a single gulp. Under her spell, the headstrong king insists on marrying this unusual lass over the objections of his pious and pure son (Nageshwara Rao), and his first wife, the queen. After the wedding, the demon sends her new stepson out on an impossible mission to retrieve a rare herb. He succeeds with the help of a flying horse. The ensuing family squabble between son and step-mom proves to be awesome

9.02/10 ( 57 Votes )
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