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Juniors Movie DVD Online
Original title: Juniors
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2003
Language: Telugu
Director: J Pulla Rao
Allari Naresh, Pavan, Anil, Shireen
Genre Drama
Quality DVD Rip
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Mahesh (Naresh) is son of a fish-seller. Pooja (Shireen) is the daughter of a businessman. Both of them are thick friends since childhood as they studied in the same convent/school/college. Mahesh has lusty feelings towards Pooja during his adolescent. But Pooja has love feelings towards him. They also have a group of 4 more friends with whom they move closely. Unfortunately, the parents of these guys are very skeptical about their kids and always scold them. Vexed by the hostile attitude of parents, these kids leave from their homes and travel to a new place.

6.95/10 ( 19 Votes )
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