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Janaki Weds Sriram Movie Online
Original title: Janaki Weds Sriram
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2003
Director: Anji Srinu
Rohit, Gajala, Rekha, Prema
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD Rip
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Sriram (Rohit) and Janaki (Gajala) are cross cousins and they like each other since childhood. But they get separated from each other as Sriram's family moves to Hyderabad due to a family feud. Janaki's family remains in Rajahmundry. But Janaki and Sriram still love each other but never try to trace each other as they respect their parents' decision. Sriram has a very close friend called Anjali (Rekha). They share a good friendship between them. Slowly Anjali realizes that she is in love with Sriram. Sriram's father comes to know about the growing affection of Sriram for Janaki and asks him to go to Rajahmundry and meet Janaki. When Anjali is about propose to Sriram, he say's that he is going to Rajahmundry to meet his childhood love Janaki. Anjali keeps her feelings to herself and helps Sriram to trace out his Janaki. How Janaki Weds Sriram forms the climax of the story.

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