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Hyderabadi Bakra Movie Online
Original title: Hyderabadi Bakra
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2008
Director: Masood Ali
Mast Ali, Aziz Naser, D C Shrivastava, Shweta Khanduri
Genre Comedy
Quality DVD
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Hyderabadi Bakra is about conmen duo Ajju and Majju, who walk into an Irani café in Hydearbad, owned by one Mr Nawab and without wasting any time con Nawab into selling his restaurant to make a film. With the money the trio – Ajju, Majju and Nawab land in Dubai to shoot the film. Ajju and Majju have a blast at the Nawab's cost. Nawab, even everything seems so very obvious is blind to the nefarious acts of the dirty duo till the very end. When he does open his eyes to the reality, he forgives Ajju and Majju and drives them away.

6.50/10 ( 16 Votes )
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