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Chingaari Movie Online
Original title: Chingaari Movie Online
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2006
Language: INDIA
Director: Kalpana Lazmi
Sushmita Sen, Mithun Chakraborty, Anuj Sawhney, Ila Arun, Anjan Srivastav, Suresh Abhas,Ravi Gossain,Preeti Joshi,Swini Khera
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In the village of Rangpur, District of Badlapur, India, lives Narainda, who has been the Postmaster for the last over 35 years. He has patiently awaited the arrival of an assistant so that he can consider retiring. His assistant does arrive in the shape and form of Chandan Mishra. Narainda teaches him to deliver mail, take a rupee for reading mail out aloud; and avoid much contact with the prostitutes of Lal Batti. But the women of Lal Batti, Phulwa, Gulabo, Bijli, Basanti, Padmavati, and young Titli, the daughter of Basanti, are drawn to Chandan, and he becomes a frequent visitor there. The local High Priest Bhuvan Panda, who also visits Basanti late at night to satisfy his sexual lust, does not appreciate Chandan's frequent visits, especially after he finds out that Chandan is educated and very outspoken. Then a mysterious admirer of Basanti starts sending her love letters and even proposes marriage. When Bhuvan finds out, he forbids anyone from going to Lal Batti, as in his mind there are only three kind of women: 1. Devi (Goddesses), 2. Mother who provides a heir for the family; and 3. Prostitutes. He forbids anyone to marry any prostitute. With patrons being intimidated by Bhuvan's instructions, no one dares go near Lal Batti, causing considerable anxiety and financial worries for the women there. The entire village awaits in dread as the deadline approaches for Basanti's lover to materialize and marry her. The question remains, who is this mysterious admirer, and why does he want to marry a prostitute and go against the wishes of the all powerful and deadly Bhuvan Panda.

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