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Bal Ganesh 2 Movie Online
Original title: Bal Ganesh 2
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2009
Director: Pankaj Sharma
Animated Ganesh
Genre Animation
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Bal Ganesh 2 is the sequel to 2007 animated movie Bal Ganesh. The Elephant god loved, adored and worshipped by millions worldwide, who is considered as the God of Gods was once a cute little child, intelligent and smart and a whole lot of fun. He is Bal Ganesh!!

And now he is back in this top of the line 3D animated file, "Bal Ganesh 2" with twice the fun and entertainment. This second installment in the franchise explores new adventures of Bal Ganesh, spiced with foot-tapping music and great humor; it's a visual treat for the entire family

8.64/10 ( 42 Votes )
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