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Baba Movie Online
Original title: Baba
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2002
Language: Telugu
Director: Suresh Krishna
RajiniKanth, Manisha Koirala, Sanghavi, Sujatha, Amrish Puri, Asish Vidyardhi
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source Veoh, MegaVideo, VideoBB
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The prediction of some sages that a child would be born to an elderly couple turn out to be true. The sages visit this special child, name him Baba, and tell the mother that they would return and take him back with them at an appropriate time. Baba grows up with all sorts of vices under the indulgent eye of his widowed mother and his uncle. As an atheist, gambler, alcoholic and a rowdy. The latter quality, of course, reserved for the deserving villains! Baba falls in love with his new neighbour Chamundeeswari, but when it comes to marriage she dithers. She does later on return to Baba, but this time it is Baba's turn to reject her

9.06/10 ( 34 Votes )
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