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Awara Movie Online
Original title: Awara
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Lingusamy
Karthik, Tamannah
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source Veoh
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The movie starts off in Bangalore, with Shiva (Karthik) who lives with his friends who try to get him a job desperately. Karthi is a guy who is easy on life and has a nonchalant attitude On one such occasion of a job hunt, Karthik spots Charulatha (Tamannah) while getting down the bus and falls for her instantly.

Well, we all have grown up seeing such scenes, in fact in Lingusamy’s ‘Run’ itself, when Madhavan sees Meera Jasmine, and falls for her at the bus stand, and déjà vu - the same spot- Bus stop!

8.41/10 ( 70 Votes )
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