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Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Online
Original title: Andari Bandhuvaya
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Chandra Siddardha
Sharwanad, Padmapriya, Naresh
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source Veoh, YouTube
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A noble youngster Nandu (Sharwanand), working in a mobile company, like her colleague Paddu. He does charity. She doesn’t let a single paisa to be wasted. He goes out of his way to help if someone is needy. But slowly friendship is developed between them when he moves into her home as tenant. One day, they go to Nandu’s village upon receiving a call from his father that he is not well. In the village, everyone likes Nandu’s father Hanmanthu as he lives on the motto of helping everyone. Seeing the nobility of Hanmanthu, Paddu changes her attitude and also falls in love with Nandu. On the other hand, Nandu takes Rs 5 Lakhs from a local goonda (RK) by promising that he would give away his eyes and heart if he fails to repay within a month. Nandu fails to repay by the time and now RK wants to take his heart and eyes.

8.92/10 ( 12 Votes )
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